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05 Apr 2016
Future Electronics Founded by Robert Miller

Future Electronics has 5,500 employees, with operations in North America South, Asia,, Europe America, the Middle East and Africa. The organization serves customers through hubs in Memphis, Tenn., Leipzig, Indonesia, and Singapore. Its operating sections include Future Energy Solutions Potential Lighting Solutions, Potential Exhibit Solutions, Potential Connectivity Options, FAI as well as the Sophisticated Executive Group, with countless technologists assisting clients transition products quickly from design to production.

President Robert Miller

Future Electronics is the world's fourth biggest electronic component vendor. Potential Electronics,, founded in 1968 by President John Miller, is headquartered in Canada, managing in 42 countries in 169 locations world-wide
The business has an on site medical clinic which handles on average 50 trips per day. Future Electronics' HQ functions a completely equipped health club with a fitness expert and yoga trainer. The facility is open 24/7 and employees frequently spend their rests there.
Future Electronics are at the center of John Miller's interaction with all the international community. It might, in a way, be right to state the company was founded to aid John Miller reach most of the goals he's passionate about. Interestingly, though, Miller came into the electronic equipment supply business via his fire - airing.
Employees also have adopted John Miller's deep fascination with environmental duty. He provides a-bus to to move employees to and in the central offices from a downtown place in a bid to lessen automotive emissions and has executed an international program to limit the utilization of document. Friday employees who bicycle to work receive money lunch every.
Future Electronics Products comprise Analogue, development applications, optoelectronics, passives, signal/software, discretes, electromechanical, interconnect, lighting options, reasoning, memory, microcontrollers, microprocessors, wireless & RF.

President Robert Miller


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